ABOUT US Acting for the clients' best interests and making extra profits for them. “为客户着想,帮客户赚钱”



    Our samples are only an example of our capacity of technical work, looking to light and elasticity of leather, shining and opening wool. Of course we have much more sources that we will develop when client ask. We show color similar in underwool and long hair, with different shade, with very light (color effect) in the long hair everywhere or only in the bally side or in the back center. We can spry with different challenge. What we only need is indication from your side about what you want: you are very close to the market of and you understand what are the fashion desire/dreaming of them and together we will realize.

    Instead to look from another market, you can feel that a red color, for example, will be good in our market: you tell us what type of skins you want use and we will prepare a book with all the options. red: long darker, brownish, yellowish.

    With 2-3 tones in the same skins: pratically all variants from where you can choose the optimal solution for your work and your client. I repite, our samples are very nice but without your apport of good style and market knowledge result remain only very nice samples. That mean to the minks color was given first to use the international famous name color example Rosso Ferrari and when was city in the ALP Mountains where is snow –ice –rock for green shade cities that are in green grass areas or forest, for different shade of blue city that are located in the lake and sea, with clean blue where water is clean and dirty Blue where is more pollution. For yellow-brown shade mainly for wellknown types of wine and for red shade for areas where was fighting and a lot of blood